Building’s energy efficiency class


Building’s energy

Total building’s area

4’759 m2

Warehouse area

4’062 m2; 3’980 places for pallets

Loading bays

400 m2

Loading bays

Separated from the rest of storage areas in order to maintain set microclimate and one-way flows – to avoid product mix-ups.

+15°C..+25°C temperature storage

4 independent premises; total area of 2’596 m2; 3’600 pallets

+2°C..+8°C temperature storage

5 independent premises; total area 272 m2; 216 pallets and 345 shelves

-90°C..-50°C; -25°C..-15°C temperature storage

Freezers (-25°C..-15°C) with capacity of 700 l each and freezer (-90°C..-50°C) with capacity of 700 l each.

Narcotics and psychotropic substances storage

2 independent premises; 73 m2


Separated area

Labeling / Repackaging

Separated area

Security system

Video surveillance 24/7

60 surveillance cameras inside, 16 – outside

Territory is surrounded by the security fence and is guarded by G4S security company

Limited access system to all premises

Fire alarm

Very Early Smoke Detection Aspiratory (VESDA) system

Room Monitoring System (RMS)

Validated RMS – Sirius Storage (France)

Building Management System

Advanced Building Management System provided and supported by SIEMENS

IT Support

Validated computer system – MS Dynamics NAV 2017

Cold chain logistics

Baltic and Nordic states, other countries by request

Automatic gates for all types of trucks

6 gates

Licenses / Certificates

GDPGMP, License for Narcotics and Psychotropic substances