Why Lithuania?

Lithuania is situated in the center of the Baltic Sea Region between markets of Western and Eastern Europe and is known as a country of transit and logistics services.

It makes Lithuania an important link in the global logistics chain, serving the East-West and NorthSouth trade flows, maximizing the use of different transport modes and their effective interaction.

Lithuania‘s competitive advantage in logistcs sector is fostered by substantial investments in roads, rail, ports, airports, border crossing points, public logistics centers, urban logistics and advanced infrastructure.


Ryternos g. 5, Biruliškių k., Karmėlavos sen., Kauno r., Lithuania, LT –54469


Kaunas is located on the crossroads of two major international transport corridors. One of them, Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipeda highway connects Kaunas with Lithuania’s main seaport and the capital Vilnius. The other, Via Baltica, extends all the way from Warsaw to Helsinki, passing through the two other Baltic States capitals, Riga and Tallinn.

ABC Farma is located in the vicinity of 2 km to Kaunas‘ airport, the fasetst growing airport in Baltic States. It provides direct flights to 17 destinations. A modern airport is cosy and well organized where you can avoid stress and don’t have to wait in a long queue. It carried 740,540 passengers and 2,488 tons of cargo in 2016.

Kaunas is about 200 km away from Klaipeda Sea Port, one of the few ice-free ports in northernmost Europe. It is the most important and the biggest Lithuanian transport hub, connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West. Klaipeda is a multipurpose, universal, deep-water port, providing highquality services complying with the requirements of the European Union.

The major part of rail tracks connected to Kaunas are among the most intensive ones according to the load volumes transported via the whole Lithuanian railways.